Monday, 13 October 2008

London in the Sun

I met my mum for lunch in London on Saturday. It was warm and sunny, weather I had forgotten existed and is a bit of a surprise in October. I had loads of fun with my new camera phone and took so many pictures to share. Eagerly I uploaded them on my return home and rotated all the sideways ones, only to find that they are 'read-only' and I cannot save them the right way round. The software of my new phone is driving me to distraction and I have much to say on the matter. However, here are the four that I took landscape, a taste of city in the sun.

A fountain in Trafalgar square:

An allotment in St James' Park. (This was something to do with remembering World War 2. It was overflowing with wholesome vegetables. There was also an Anderson bomb shelter but I had my finger over the lens and ruined the picture I took.)

A riotous flower-bed in St James' park, with Horse Guards Parade in the background:

And the Thames with St Pauls and St Mary Axe ('The Gherkin'). I love London!

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