Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Maths and Running

Two big things last week. On Friday, my eldest son took part in the Junior Maths Challenge. He dressed smart and I dropped him at my husband's school where he took an hour-long paper in a large hall with a hundred other students. He has never done anything like this before. He was nervous but he did well although I have no idea yet of his mark. While I hope it is a good one so that he can feel proud of himself and I can feel as if he is at a good level with his maths, what was important to me was that he got the "proper exam" experience and he coped very well with it.

On Saturday my middle son won the cup for most junior points at our local parkrun. Points are awarded based on position in each race completed and he has missed very few in the last year. He was surprised and incredibly pleased and proud. We have a large cup to show off for a few months and a small one to keep forever. He has completed 68 5k runs in total - 340 kilometres!

Although this falls into the Christmas newsletter style posts - proud mum with her son's achievements - it also reminds me that, while my children are not in mainstream school, they do have "normal experiences" and take part in the kind of thing that any other school-aged child does. They may be home-educated, but most of the time, they're just kids!

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