Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Healing Tea

It has been over a month since I have felt we are "doing" home ed. I would argue my case strongly that the children are learning all the time and that it is catching the moment, noticing the interest, deepening the conversation that counts. But I do feel better when I am intentionally educating them at least some of the time. We started our new, eight-week, shiny, colour-coded, laminated time-table yesterday, but this week is already out of the pattern with a Bank Holiday, a day out at Bushcraft School and a maths exam for my eldest. We have managed chapter book for the last two days, at its new time of 8.30am, hoping to beat any distractions. We did a short free-write and I've overseen both boys doing maths, but, as always, it didn't feel like much. I start to find myself rationalising that bouncing on the trampoline counts as PE.
And then we had Poetry Tea. My little girl read a new poem - new to being read aloud by her, that is, so a mixture of memory and reading skills. We laughed and ate fresh lemon drizzle cake, we discussed pirates and rain after long days of sunshine and farm implements. We enjoyed each other's company and added another stitch to the embroidery of our home ed life together. And I felt better about it all.

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