Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Maths - again?

Last week we had one big push and my younger two finished their maths curriculums for the year. On Monday, my middle son told me of his relief at getting up in the morning knowing that he didn't have to do any more maths. Although this was an end to our formal maths studies, I have been sneaking in a few pages of Johnny Ball's Mathmagicians into our chapter book times. We all squeeze onto the sofa so that they can see the pictures and we talk about anything that comes up. It doesn't usually take up more than five minutes. Last week, we ended up in the garden, my eldest: the sun, my middle: the earth and my little girl making herself dizzy as the moon. Today we grabbed coloured pencils, garden twine and a pair of compasses to draw circles, ellipses and hexagons. It was fun. Just don't say the word "maths"!

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