Friday, 1 October 2010

Busy Week

I am not sure where all my time has gone this week, but it has felt particularly fraught. I know that the puppy is largely responsible, but I'm just not sure how she has consumed my time. The children have been incredibly mature and responsible, willingly taking her in the garden, clearing up poop outside and wee inside and hiding in the garden to teach her to come when called.
Both my sons needed to visit the doctors today, and my eldest shooed me away from the surgery door and had the consultantion alone. While I was impressed and pleased with his independence, another part of me marked it as a sign of his growing up and away. Of course there is a time in the future when I won't even be aware that my children have been to their GPs, but it felt strange and sudden not to be in there, not to know.
Life changes. While I think that I crave it getting easier, I find that, as my children are growing up I have brought a dependent puppy into my home. I have had plenty of 'pit-of-the-stomach moments' this week, wondering what on earth we've done, whether I will actually be able to cope with this dog. Dog owners reading this, tell me, does it get easier? I really need to hear right now that it does, as I wipe up yet another pee, or take yet another shoe from her saying, with decreasing calmness, "Not for dogs."
I'm would love to write more, but I have an excited puppy and hungry children ...


Jane D. said...

It definately will get much easier Gaynor, I had plenty of those pit of the stomach moments. However I could not tell you the last time I had one now!

We have had to do an awful lot of putting stuff out of reach, and have had a few bits ruined, but for the reward of that love that she gives me it is all well worth it. x x x x

Gaynor said...

Thanks for the much needed encouragement! All our shoes now live on the work surface, but she does respond quite well to 'not for dogs'! There's nothing to beat the feeling when she snuggles up close and sighs contentedly!