Thursday, 21 October 2010

Austerity - by Richard

I am on half term this week, so I thought I would do a guest blog. Today many people in the country will be waking up to a new era in British history, when the measures outlined by the Chancellor George Osborne will begin to take effect. Commentators are divided as to whether, on the one hand, the measures are just what the country needs after years of Labour mismanagement, or on the other, concerned that they are going to lead us into the dreaded 'double dip' recession feared by many experts.
I am not really sure to be honest. There seems to be something quite refreshing about spending less as a country, but I am aware that my job is not likely to disappear. There are two obvious measures that will effect us a family - losing child benefit after 2012, and the pension reforms for me as a teacher when Lord Hutton's full report is published in the Spring. But ultimately, whatever measures are adopted by the Government, I am almost certain to have a decent pension when I retire. Many other workers in this country, let alone in poorer parts of the world, have no such luxury.
So as the nights get increasingly dark and we head for winter, do we have lots to worry about? For some, there will be, if not a winter of discontent, at least a winter of worry and concern. I, like many others, will have the luxury of looking on from afar and watching the story develop. I was fortunate enough to meet Jeremy Paxman a few weeks ago, when he accepted my invitation to visit my school. I will be watching the BBC's Newsnight programme to watch how event develop, delighted that I am not on the receiving end of one of Mr Paxman's interviews!!

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