Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I am sitting here listening to a ticking chicken! Just a couple of months ago I treated myself to a frivolous and unnecessary but smile-inducing kitchen timer and, while it is useless for intervals of just a couple of minutes when the cake is almost, but not quite cooked and you don't want to pop it back in the oven and forget all about it, it is great to carry round the house and time my chores. It is an idea I've got from Kathy over at 10 Minute Writer, to do things in 10 minute time intervals. To sit with the persistent noise, reminding me to get a move on , helps me to push through those little jobs which don't always motivate me, things like cleaning the bathroom, writing a cheque and, yes, sometimes, writing my blog. All too often I sit here, wondering what to write, discarding topics as too boring or too whiny and these precious beginning of the day moments swirl down the plug-hole. My faithful chicken, while raising my heartbeat and blood pressure, reminds me just to get on, get it done, sew the patch, file the bill, scrub the floor and then, relax, satisfied that I did what I had to do and then had some time to play!

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Jane D said...

I love your timer! Timing is something I do with the children all the time - Si especially finds it very helpful to get stuff done!