Monday, 9 March 2009

Put Out To Grass

For a long while now, my PC has been the source of no small irritation. Like a recalcitrant toddler, it will occasionally sit down by the side of the road and refuse to move, even going so far sometimes as just to close down the internet because it is feeling overworked. It is extremely slow and I have taken to running the internet on our lap-top while I am doing the monthly budget because, with Microsoft Money running, it really can't handle anything else! So many minutes are wasted as I wait for it to load up so I can blog, only to try to sign in and find that it hasn't installed something essential and I have to restart. It's difficult time to use for anything else as it comes in such small doses, but they add up to a very frustrating experience!
We have been considering buying a new computer since November but haven't put aside the time to research a good model. On Saturday, after one infuriating encounter too many, I shouted and yelled until my husband agreed to go to PC World and purchase a new computer immediately. It is now sitting just next to me, waiting to be set up so, hopefully, tomorrow I will be bloggging at the speed of light!

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Jane D said...

Just the experience we had a few years ago Gaynor - it'll feel great once it's set up!!