Thursday, 5 March 2009

Playing the game

Our house has been resounding to shouts of "Buy a baby!", "Get that baby working!" and "Get that sick one to hospital!" My middle son has discovered Microlife, an internet computer game from the BBC and it has become a spectator sport. It really is an excellent game. Through nine levels he has learned to train Micromax to become Defenders to defeat the evil Catchers intent of stealing the infants and sending them to work in the jewel mines of this forbidding planet; he has learned to spot the sick ones and get them to appropriate medical care; he has learned to save his money and use it when necessary to buy more babies or Defenders and he has learned to dodge sudden lava flows. In the last level, all his skills are brought together to help the babies build a spaceship and escape this crazy environment for ever!
I often feel like a sick Micromax and would love to be picked up and put somewhere safe and nurturing until I feel strong and can re-emerge with a contented "Aaaah". Sometimes I feel under attack and I need to keep my defences strong and vigilant. Like the babies, I find it hard to settle to purposeful work when I feel threatened. I am learning, gradually and gently, the imperative need to take care of myself, to have some down-time. Perhaps a quick game of Microlife...?

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Jane D said...

Loved this Gaynor - it resonates - and made me smile!