Monday, 21 March 2011


Strangely, my neck hurts. My legs hurt too, but I was expecting that. I am irritable, tired and a little dehydrated; all of that is normal. But my neck? I think it's all the down-hills. I ran Hastings Half Marathon yesterday on a sunny seaside day, with a pleasant breeze and huge crowd support. The first five miles are largely up-hill, with the stretch from around three to just after five one long, steady climb. Consequently, there are some pretty steep down-hills in the second half, before the last three miles from one end of the sea-front to the other. It's a great race and one I've enjoyed for the last three years. I was dead chuffed to have taken almost eight minutes off last year's time, which was three minutes quicker than 2009. My running seems to have come together this year. I have reached a place where I am happy with how much I run, why I run, whether or not I want to race and how hard to push myself. It was one of my 'intentions' this year, to run the same four races that I did last year, and it was one of my priorites this half-term to prepare for Hastings. As an approach, it seems to have worked. I am trying to take it as easy as possible today and I am not requiring much from the children. My son tells me that is a reason he likes me racing. Me? I enjoy the chance to bask in the glow of achievement and to have every excuse to eat more cake and chocolate!

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