Friday, 25 March 2011

A Friend to Play

My little girl had a friend round to play this morning. His mum brought him over and we took him along to Home Ed group for her to collect. They spent most of their time, along with my middle son and the dog, in the garden doing something with an old dustbin lid, garden canes and the children's plastic chairs. It looked like a siege and certainly seemed to take a lot of enercy and concentration. It also looked a lot of fun! My daughter is seven, this lad is nine and my son is ten. In a school environment they would be unlikely to meet, let alone play together and I don't think the boy/girl mix is the done thing in the playground. Many people ask me about the social side of home ed, and I do worry that my children have a smaller pool of children to fish for friends from, but when I see them playing as they were this morning, I figure we are doing ok. Pretty well even.

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