Thursday, 10 March 2011

More things I love

I love the fact that my eldest, who is not the best of friends with maths, comes to me to tell me it's possible to make a triangle of odd numbers, where each consecutive line adds up to a cube in sequence, (1, 8, 27 ...) and the central number of each line in a square. It's not often I see his eyes light up about maths!
I love the fact that my middle son can tell me all sorts of facts about First World War tanks, gleaned from books and many visits to the Tank Museum in Dorset, and that we can work together on his writing skills while indulging his love of all things armoured vehicle.
I love the fact that I can share a table with my daughter while we paint watercolours together, and she paints herself and her brother "asleep under the stars", a hoped for treat this summer.
I love days like today where we touch all the "school-y subjects", like maths, english, history, art and geography, and it all feels like fun, and I still have time to spend over an hour on the phone to my best friend while the children play in the garden. This is what I want it to be like, more days like today.

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