Friday, 24 July 2009

A while ago, I discovered that I had a ninety-year-old Great-Uncle still living in Sussex. I have been in touch with his wife and yesterday we finally made the trip down to see them. I was thrilled to be able to introduce my children to their Great-Great-Uncle, a whole extra generation in our family, and to see the family tree of my father's side which extends back to 1390! My Great-Uncle and Great-Aunt were generous and gracious, patient with my questions and willing with their explanations. I was then able to drive into the town where my father's family had lived for generations and find some of their homes and shops, including my grandparents' house where I remember playing as a child. The memory of a little girl cannot always be relied on: the wide and steep drive from my childhood turned out to run gently down to the street and was only a little wider than a car. My favourite memory of that house is the heavy, shiny metal, real shop till, no doubt from one of the shops my grandparents had owned in what was then a village, with real money (obselete pre-decimal coinage) and a drawer that burst open with a loud ring.

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Jean N. said...

Oh Gaynor, this is so exciting. How wonderful that you found this relative and then went to visit. I've been doing some genealogy on my mom's side and learned that I have many ancestors that lived in and around Lambeth. I'm trying to find out if I can research any church records when we come over in August. I've tracked people forward as far as I can in census records, which are only available though 1901, but would sure be fascinated to be able to find my current relations somewhere in the UK.