Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

We're gearing up here for our big summer holiday camping in Cornwall. This morning saw us clearing the garage and sorting all the gear we'll need, including, of course, the big black package that holds our tent. The last time it was used was for a Christian Youth Festival last summer. Not by us, but by the leaders. I have not checked that is is clean and mould-free. I just can't face folding it up and trying to squeeze it back into its pack. I am optimistic that it is ok because they gave it back to us quite late, apparently because they wanted to give it one last clean. It has only just occured to me that this may have been an excuse with which they knew I would not argue! I do, however, have a back-up plan. If it is ruined, we will book into a bed and breakfast overnight and buy a new tent at this camping shop the next day.
The weather forecast is 'unsettled' so we have had a family discussion about how we will keep ourselves occupied and sane for hours and hours if we are tent-ridden. We have a list of games we can play and both boys have 'volunteered' to help entertain our not-yet-reading six-year-old. We do have the fourth Harry Potter as a read-aloud.
I have a list, too, of all the visitor attractions in the vicinity, along with distance, journey time and price. Some will even offer us educational rates with our memebership of a Home Education organization.
I think I am prepared!
We leave on Thursday and have chosen not to use the electrical hook-up available (we like to thing of ourselves as purists!) so I will be electronic gadget free. We'll be back later in July (or earlier if it keeps raining like this) and I'll be posting again then.

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Jane D. said...

have a fabulous time Gaynor - you are welcome to drop by on your way there/back if you like, though I am not terribly mobile at the moment - off work for 6 weeks x.