Friday, 17 July 2009

We're back!

We have just returned from a week in Cornwall. We had booked 10 nights, but the weather forecast was awful so we kept our options open. We made the most of the sunshine,
wore our raincoats on the beach.
and visited indoor attractions when it rained (non-stop, all day).
However, last night, after much prevarication, we decided at 7:30pm, as the rain thundered on the tent and the groundsheet began to float on standing water, to come home. We threw everything in the car, sopping wet, the tent in binliners, and left the campsite at 9pm. The main road out of Cornwall was closed so we took a lengthy diversion and eventually pulled onto our drive at 2:45am this morning! The children could not have been more excited about still being up at midnight and getting home 'tomorrow'!
We've dried out the tent,
a task which some members of the family found huge fun,
and are planning a holiday-from-home weekend, safe from the fear of flooding!

1 comment:

Jane D. said...

looks like you did get some nice weather though Gaynor - can't wait to hear some more - missed you x.