Wednesday, 12 November 2008


The boys have been following a Distance Learning Art Course since the Spring. We have been doing it in fits and starts, sometimes inspired and sometimes wading through. Particularly valued have been the personal comments on CD from their tutor which they have received after each assignment. They have enjoyed the detail and the sense of individual attention. My eldest, who is easily upset by perceived criticism, has reacted very well to the tutor's feedback and returned to some of his pictures to have another go, responding to her suggestions.
The latest assignment was to make view finders and use them to isolate a small piece of a pattern or object and just draw that part. This proved a great hit. The best bit of all was getting mummy to guess where they had used their "zoomers". It wasn't easy.I was impressed with their ingenuity in finding snippets to draw: book covers, decorative boxes and pieces of Lego. I could see this being a fun game on a wet afternoon.
My daughter of course, joined in too, with a collage and I had to guess what the pieces were cut from. The shiny pink one in the middle is a tooth!

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Hmmmm. that course looks very interesting....