Thursday, 27 November 2008

Am I a writer?

A little bit at a time, I am beginning to think of myself as a writer; or at least, a potential writer. I write every day here in my blog, and I have taken to carving out a little time in the week to write, even if it's just a 10 minute freewrite. I was playing around on Monday night and had go at a freewrite Kathy at 1o Minute Writer has set back in the Summer. Although I was tired and grumpy, the act of writing cheered me up and I even made me giggle (not everyone thinks I'm funny, but I do!) Kathy was kind enough to comment on my attempts and to encourage me to pursue the idea further. I have been perusing short story competitions and have sent off for a trial copy of a writers' magazine. I have discovered flash fiction and even micro-fiction, and I think I might give both a go. I have registered for an Open University short course "Start Writing Fiction". I like this journey - I wonder where it will lead?


Kathy Grubb said...

I am very proud of you Gaynor!

There are a lot of reasons to do this, but one good one is this: Your children will be more likely to pursue their dreams with courage once they've seen you take the lead.

Good for you! Please keep me updated!

Anonymous said...

I'm here cheering from the sidelines. Of course you are a writer. Or of course you could be a writer. (which ever feels better right now) Go for it.

Also, maybe check out this blog. I'm not sure if she has something you might find useful but I know she supports women writers.

Gaynor said...

Thank you both for your encouragement! I entered the microfiction competition yesterday!

Thanks too for the blog, it's lovely!