Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wednesday morning lie-in

It's 8am and the blackbird on our birdsong clock has just sung. According to my tried and tested routine, we should all be up and dressed, with tidy bedrooms and be sitting at the table eating our fruit, lovingly prepared by daddy, listening to Classic FM. At 8:20am the children should go upstairs to clean their teeth before clearing the kitchen while I do one housework task. After that, we all play, which usually involves a den made out of sofa cushions and blog-surfing. At 10am our offical day begins, often with "table work", the best label I have managed to come up with for sitting at the table and doing something that most people would recognise as education: copywriting, maths workbooks, times tables practice, that kind of thing.
However, today the children are all still in bed and I have started playing already, although I am still in my PJs (which are brand new, red and white check and I am rather enjoying wearing them!) I know that it will all end in shouting, as we all feel lesuirely and relaxed until around 9:45am and I realise that not everything has been done and if we don't get a move on and clean our teeth, wash up, and tidy our rooms the world will end.
My heart is filled with the dilemma of letting them sleep if they are tired: after all, they don't have to get up for school; and sticking to a structure which I know works for all of us and gets everything done in a calm and orderly fashion.
However, it is still all quiet, so I'll drop in on a couple more blogs before I get them up!

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Kathy Grubb said...


Over in the US, this is a holiday week, because Thanksgiving is Thursday and everyone sluffs off Friday. So, pretend you're American and stay in those PJ's!!!