Monday, 15 November 2010

Local Beauty

My best friend is in Snowdonia this week and texted me this morning to say that the mountains were looking beautiful. We live very different lives and I had a twinge of jealousy as I folded my washing and started another very suburban house-wife day. But we took Coco up to the park for a run-about and I was struck by the incredible beauty of my surroundings. It's a very suburban, outer London kind of place and I can see high-rise block and the purple logo of the Premier Inn; we are minutes from a motorway junction and the park is full of litter. But, through another lens, it is full of colour, and light.
Intricate detail,
a wide open sky
and people I love.
It all depends on where I choose to look.

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Jane D. said...

:o) Think there is a bible verse about that Gaynor x.