Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A little bit about each of us

There was snow on the ground this morning. Not much but enough to sprinkle everything white. Coco skittered about, sniffing it, licking it and sliding her paws in it. Yet another exciting experience in this wonderful world she is discovering. She then managed a whole minutes 'stay' at puppy class. Very impressed!

It was middle son's turn to walk the dog with me this morning. Crocs, no socks. I advised different footwear but was told he would be fine. He had cold feet. I'm not often right when I tell him to wear more and he is comfortable at some surprisingly cool temperatures. Secretly, I was quite pleased!

Eldest son finished his novel. That is 20,000 words in 30 days. The only day he's missed, due to a grandparental visit, he wrote extra the day before in preparation. What I have read of it is a gripping fantasy adventure tale of a young human girl pitted herself against an evil, power-hungry magician intent on raising an army of mythical creatures. Well done son - good job done!

My little girl is learning to read. This has been a slow and occasionally frustrating experience for us both. On Sunday night she read to me from a Charlie and Lola book. Not a 'learning to read' book, not a phonics book, but a real book. I think we're nearly there!

This term I have been tutoring some A Level students. I was telling my tutee last night that I have very nearly spent my month's allowance of texts, due to the fact that my best friend has moved away and I feel compelled to tell her almost every random thought that crosses my mind. And what I think of each X-factor contestant. I have sent 200 texts in around 2 weeks. "That's almost teenager level," he commented. At nearly 40, I took that as a compliment!

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Kate said...

Brilliant - I'm laughing a lot and imagining you all in your crazy day.
Miss you all!! xxx