Thursday, 11 November 2010


I seem to be finding it hard to make choices at the moment. Not that I have any important ones to make, but even the little, everyday decisions seem to be hard to reach. Take watercolour classes. On the one hand I enjoy them; the timing fits well into our weekly routine and so I am able to carve out those two hours just for me; it is fun and relaxing to do something completely different to my day-to-day life and, for the first time this week, I have painted something that I'm quite pleased with. However the classes carry a financial cost which I could spend in an alternative way; I am not particularly good at painting and don't have the time to practice outside classes at the moment so I am not likely to improve much; I could use the time and money to go to the cinema, something I frequently lament not having time to do; I could use the time to attend a small fellowship group at church, something I've not done for a couple of years now; or I could attend evening dog training classes as Coco develops beyond basic obedience. my husband asked me what nourishes me most and I'm really not sure of the answer. I am reading John Ortberg's "The Me I Want To Be" at the moment and, to use his word, what is it that makes me "you-ier"?

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Kate said...

What about taking your 'Sundays' approach to it? Finish the term of water-colours, then trial a small group that meet every other week (e.g. Tim and Emma's) and go to the cinema every other week. See where you're at, at the end of next term.
Looking forward to catching up this weekend :->
PS. Just had a brilliant lesson with one of my classes - amazing how little things can restore your confidence in a path you've chosen!