Monday, 15 February 2010

Scool's Out

I have come up with an exciting new educational philosophy! Well, to be fair, it's the old one with a new name. And the idea of giving it a new name wasn't mine, but a friend's, a witty and intelligent man I was chatting with over lunch yesterday. I was explaining to him how I can come across as flippant when discussing Home Ed. I don't mean to, I get a bit nervous, and I feel a bit silly using words like 'facilitate' and I can hear all the accusatory questions in my head as I speak. He said that what I needed was an acronym. We had previously been talking about the word 'opportunistic' and how it applied to what I feel I do with my children. I was explaining how much I liked the phrase 'conversational learning'. And we hit upon it:
Conversationally-Orientated Opportunistic Learning - COOL!
And then we improved it:
Serendipitous Conversationally-Orientated Opportunistic Learning - SCOOL!
So, all I need to say is that I follow the SCOOL philosophy. I'm sure that will put an end to all those tricky questions!


Jane D. said...

Love it Gaynor - great words - think you need to write some more of your philosophy now!

Jean said...

love it!