Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sea Monkeys continued

Our Sea Monkeys continue to delight and enthrall us. The population rises and falls: we hit eight last week, dropped back to five and currently have nine. There are four pretty big ones, around half a centimetre long, one medium sized one and four tiny, fizzing dots. One of the four big ones has two disconcerting round black lumps which, according to the sea monkey website are the females' egg sacs so I am optimistic that they are happy in their domestic situation.
I find myself spending five minutes at a time, just watching their antics, counting them, scrutinising the tank for babies (is that a bit of floating algae or a new-born?) and it is my first concern when I come downstairs in the morning to count them. If you're stuck for a Christmas present for anyone at all, why not get them some Sea-Monkeys?

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