Monday, 14 December 2009

The Globe Theatre

We had a great day out on Friday. We took our time strolling along the South Bank, stopping to look at the Christmas stalls and play on the .. well, I wasn't sure if it was a skate ramp or a piece of sculpture, but they played on it anyway! The Globe has the only thatched roof in London, with special dispensation from the Fire Service. I think the Great Fire of London put city dwellers off the idea!
We admired 'the heavens', which more than lived up to expectations,
and some of us even got to sit on the stage!
We watched, and joined in, a dressing display,
and then marched, at top speed, back to the station. We just had time to grab hot chocolates on the platform as a reward for speedy and uncomplaining walking, threw ourselves noisily into the carriage, and settled down for the journey home.

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