Friday, 11 December 2009

Day Out

It's a long time since I've taken the children for a proper 'Day Out'. Somehow the rhythm has been different this term and energy levels have been slipping but today, as the culmination of our very loose Shakespeare 'project', we are heading up to the Globe Theatre on the South Bank. Sandwiches are made and a book is packed for the train journey. Like exercising again after a break, the process of organizing feels stilted and stiff, but I am confident that, with credit card and baby wipes, most emergencies, should they arise, can be met.
Being out all day means that there are none of those ten minutes spaces for a quick e-mail or phone call and it's easy to feel that nothing got done. But as I write that I am challenged on my idea of what 'something' getting done is. The heart of our Home Education and the heart of our family is spending time together, experiencing things together and having fun together. And spending the whole day together is, definitely, getting that done.

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Jane D. said...

Praying with you that you have a fantastic time together x.