Thursday, 15 October 2009

Primary Proms 2009

We were delighted to receive tickets to the Primary Proms 2009, a free concert for London children held in the Albert Hall. Not only did we get seats, but we got a box (due to the fact that we are a high adult-to-child ratio group) so we enjoyed the concert in luxury!
There was a varied mix, with choral, orchestral, jazz, drumming and rock music. I always like some easy jazz and it was good to hear Holst's 'Mars', which the children are familiar with. They liked the choirs too, especially the song complaining about the hardships of school!There was to be an audience participation song, something my children frequently despise. However, I had downloaded the lyrics and we had listened to an MP3 recording of the song a few times, so we were at least prepared. What I was not prepared for was my son, wriggling and bored after an hour of music, greeting the suggestion that we could leave early if he liked by telling me that he did not want to leave before we had had the chance to sing. It was the highlight of the concert for them all and my daughter skipped along Exhibition Road singing at the top of her voice on our way home!


Jane D. said...

This sounds fantastic, you deserved it!

Elizabeth said...

Hello! We sat in the box next to you! (We had met at the safety day last year.)

We weren't pleased with how they made it into a shouting match--but my 2 did like the music. I thought my son was going to dance on the ledge for the Stevie Wonder song!

Gaynor said...

Hello, nice to hear from you! I was surprised how much my children enjoyed it. Having a box was great, wasn't it, and it made it so easy to keep popping out with little ones to the loo. I loved the variety of music and the chance to join in.