Monday, 26 October 2009

Hurly Burly

Life has been a whirlwind since leaving St Michael's Convent on Saturday morning. A pleasant whirlwind of catching up with the children, husband, friends and family (and X-Factor) but also a culture shock after six days of silence.
My poor garden has been sadly neglected while I was in Uganda, ill and then getting back on top of life, the day is set fair and I am hoping to re-plant a bed by dusk.
I spent last half-term re-acting to events and running to stay still after the shaky and swine flu infected beginning so I will also be putting some time aside this week to get an overview of what the coming seven weeks hold and making some space to prepare, practically, mentally and spiritually for Christmas. Julie's post on Finding a Rhythm has provided some inspiration.
My husband and I have booked two nights in a local Bed and Breakfast to enjoy some time alone in each other's company, something we have not made time for in the last couple of years.

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