Monday, 12 October 2009

Box Hill

We took the children for walk on Box Hill yesterday, lots of beautiful views, healthy fresh air and October drizzle. Unattracted by the offer of a different walk, they opted to take the same way-marked trail which we took last time we were there. Reaching a corner by the main road, my middle son set off across the grass and took a very effective short-cut. My daughter was unconvinced and, anyway, she was able to see a post. So I accompanied her down the hill, to the post, turned right along the path to meet up with the men of our family who had all taken the short cut. I had tried to explain to her that we were going the long way but she strenuously denied it. Eventually, when the evidence was incontrovertible, she changed her argument:
"We're going the long-cut, because we are better!"
Now, that's my kind of reasoning!

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