Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I don't normally like photos of myself but this one was taken by my friend this morning (the invisible drinker of the green mug!) and it says a lot.
The flowers are from a student who I spent a lot of time with last term. He just got an A in his A Level and brought gifts to say thank you. His mum said that he couldn't have done it without me and, while I am quite sure he could and he deserves to be very proud of himself, it is good to feel that I have made a difference.
The mugs are new, as is the tea-cosy: important parts of everyday! I love theses mugs (Kiwi and Teal) and I have two other colours, purple and yellow (Cassis and Dijon). I love the moment of choice every time I have a cup of tea: which colour for the mood I'm in right now? The bright colours make me happy.
The family organiser behind me is filled with activity and work: a busy, productive and fun life. The last box this month reads HOLIDAYS!  - a ten day camper van trip from Pisa to Calais.
And I am smiling. Spring is approaching, I have got a cup of tea and a friend to share it with, and life is good.

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