Friday, 23 March 2012

Funny week

It's been a funny week. Endings and beginnings and uncomfortable waitings in the middle. Situations I can't change, control I don't have, frustrating obstacles to changes I'm trying to make, situations I have no idea what to do about.
It all felt too much on Wednesday morning; it all just got on top of me. So we cancelled the day. (Well, not quite but we did do a bit of rearranging and a bit of explaining). We got on a train to London and rode the buses. We went to Foyles and the Ferrari garage and Harrods. We saw Marble Arch and Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square and Big Ben. We had fun.
Today the sun is shining, the children are eating pancakes and we are off to the climbing wall for the afternoon. Some things won't change. Some things will change in their own time, no matter how much I fret. But I can enjoy today.

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