Monday, 31 January 2011

New Year's Intentions Re-visited

As January ends and it seems as is 2011 is rushing passed and life is just the same, I have looked back at my intentions for this year.
My first, to run the same four races, is off to as good a start as it can be with both the Bookham 10k and the Hastings Half-Marathon entered. The 10k is next Sunday and the chest infection and anti-biotic related stomach upset have meant that I haven't trained much in the last week, but I reckon I'll get round. As I can't find any record of last year's time, I have no bench-mark to worry about.
Secondly, plans to walk the North Downs Way are still in place, slightly altered, and by early June we should have reached Canterbury, with only one 18.5 mile leg of the journey to do.
I have clocked up another couple of parkruns and gave my husband something I'd painted as a birthday card. I have chosen two March birthdays to paint cards for and I may have another go at painting the cat if I invest in my own fan brush. I also want some indigo paint, so I could paint a storm scene. Maybe the cat in the rain?
We celebrated Epiphany and have a Candlemass all lined up. March brings the start of Lent (pancakes!) and April, Easter.
Intention number 6 has stumped me. I said that I had six relatives and friends in mind to visit, but I cannot remember who they are! It's not that I can't think of six people I'd like to catch up with, but I don't know which six in particular I selected. Perhaps this should tell me that I'm not that bothered? I still have the pile of newsy Christmas cards waiting to be replied to so I shall look to that for inspiration and see whose names induce that, "I'd love to meet up with them"- feeling! This time I'll make a note.
I had lunch with a girl-friend last week, and today, and another lined up on Thursday. Again, I would find it helpful to make a note of those relationships I wish to invest in and make a point of at least monthly contact. It's not everyone's way of doing friendship, to be so deliberately organized and unspontaneous but it helps me to not let things slide, to act on what I value, and hopefully to have more contact with people who bless my life.

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