Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas School

Christmas School is an idea I first came across last year on Handmade Homeschool. Although my plans were not as ambitious as this, I really liked the idea of setting some time aside just to be Christmassy, instead of trying to squeeze Christmas activities in alongside normal life. So I have designated the last two weeks of term as Christmas School and the children have been looking forward to it. When it came to planning it, I went through the days and found how much time was already taken up: swimming, puppy class, history workshop and so on. We're also looking forward to a grandparent visit and a trip to 'Aladdin on Ice.' However, I found our empty slots and turned to our selection of activity books for ideas. My daughter got a set last year, with Christmas cooking, drawing, make and do as well as some fairy ideas. We selected a few we liked and went shopping for card, glue and paint. I've put in an afternoon to read Christmas poems and another to watch 'The Nativity Story'. Today, we made Christmas tree and snow-flake decorations, and finger-painted fat robins.

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Jane D. said...

love the Christmas tree bunting!