Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Time Management

I was having a conversation with a lady who knows me very, very well. We were discussing my desire to be good at everything, not just good, but very good. How hard I find it to admit that I am rubbish at something, that, for example, I can't sew. Deep down, it threatens my sense of worth. She was encouraging me to be open, honest, up-front about my weaknesses, my incompetencies. "For example," she says, "Tell people how bad you are at time management." This hit me hard. "I'm not rubbish at time management," I protested.
I have not really spent the last two days in a flat spin, running from one thing to another, tired after a busy weekend, telling my son that perhaps I should just stay up all night and then I might get everything on my 'to do' list done, worried that when I take on too much it is my children who suffer!
So, I'm admitting it,I'm coming clean, I'm really, really bad at time management. I consistently under-estimate how long things will take. I regularly fall into the trap of convincing myself I can squeeze a little bit more in. I often tell myself that "it'll only take a moment." Perhaps, if I am honest with myself, I will begin to learn to pace things better and have more peace.

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Jane D. said...

Well done Gaynor! x x x x x