Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I have just got home from a couple of days at my mum's. We have come home with two new games. One, not really so new, is the Los Angeles version of Monopoly. My middle son discovered Monopoly at our last visit to Grandma's in the summer and had long games with his dad, developing quite a ruthless streak! We are hoping to be given a classic London set for Christmas but, in the meantime, we have brought back my mother's 'spare' set and the children have already got a game in progress this morning.
The other diversion we have returned with is Tantrix; at first appearance a very simple game of coloured tiles which soon becomes fiendishly complex. Simple enough for my six-year-old to grasp, the set consists of hexagonal tiles with coloured paths, either straight or sharply or gently curved. These can be put together to make long paths, the idea being to create closed loops. It can be a solitary puzzle or a shared, competitive game and twice already since we got home late yesterday afternoon, I have found myself on the floor with a child poring over the tiles.
I did have some 'proper' stuff planned today, but maybe I'll just put the kettle on, make us all a cup of tea, and settle down to play!

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Jean said...

ooh, we love games, too, and I have always felt they were a big part of learning for us. Have you got Bananagrams over there? Tantrix just came out this week as the kids played with a friend who was over. But our hands-down favorite this year has been Bananagrams, with scrabble-like letter tiles that fit into a darling little banana-shaped fabric case. It's quicker than scrabble and less intimidating as everyone is working on their own puzzle, adding on until all the tiles are used. Nicely portable and great fun.