Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Moments from my day

Things change. First, there was chaos, babies, doing whatever, whenever and just hoping it was enough. The years when I could argue that my eldest wouldn't be in school yet, or wouldn't be full-time, or wouldn't have started school at this age if his birthday was a different time of year. Then I read 'A Mother's Rule of Life' and devised a schedule and, finally, got some housework done! The children happily played from nine until ten every morning. In fact, they seemed to resent me imposing on their free time. So I didn't. That was my chore, meal-preparation and computer time. As life went on it became my blog time. But before Easter I noticed that it had changed. Instead of enjoying a golden hour of peace, I was more and more frequently interrupted. It took me a while to cotton on, but I have now realised that this is time that they need me, they want something to happen. So I've changed again. Chores are completed quickly and we get on with the day's activities. I blog later in the day. Or I forget, like yesterday!
When I remember, like now, I have the opportunity to reflect on the day's happenings. Today, a montage of snapshots:
The congregation sang 'Happy Birthday' to my six-on-Monday daughter at the mid-week morning service.
Two of my children went for personal prayer at the end of communion. I see this as a good thing: a personal and meaningful faith in my little ones.
We nailed the locations of the last few Mystery Classes in Journey North and began planning the menu for our Journey North tea party.
We read a chapter of 'The Hobbit' and one of 'Our Island Story' while sitting in the garden in the sun.
I snuck in an extra half-hour's gardening, (the weather forecast for the weekend isn't looking too good.) My son found a worm and we watched it do a poo on his hand, twice. This was worthy of calling his sister over for a look. Then we built it a wormery and now it is living in my cupboard.
Life, Home Education. Fun.

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